Ways To Live Forever

Ways To Live Forever
  • UK
  • 91
  • 13 years & above
  • director
    Gustavo Ron
  • screenplay
    Sally Nicholls, Gustavo Ron
  • cinematography
    Miguel P. Gilaberte
  • music
    César Benito
  • editing
    Juan Sánchez
  • cast
    Emilia Fox, Natalia Tena, Ben Chaplin, Greta Scacchi, Ella Purnell, Phyllida Law
  • producers
    Martyn Auty, Javier Gazulla
  • production
    El Capitan Pictures, Formato Producciones S.L., Life & Soul Productions
  • sales
    Intandem Films
  • format
    DVD, DCP


Sam is 11 years old and he is fascinated by all sorts of information. He loves collecting stories and amazing facts. He wants to know about UFO’s, scary movies, spaceships and ghosts. He also wants to find out what it feels like to try his first beer, to have his first ‘drag’ of a cigarette and… to kiss a girl for the first time. Sam wants to find out what teenagers feel, because he’ll never become one. He suffers from leukaemia.


Gustavo Ron was born in Madrid on the 14th of December 1972. He graduated in Directing, Producing and Script-writing from the London Film School. He has been a cinema-lover from an early age, and has worked in various production and script-writing roles within French, German, Spanish, British and US cinema.


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