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How the shammies bathed
  • Latvia
  • 7
  • director
    Edmunds Jansons
  • screenplay
    Inese Zandere
  • music
    Jekabs Nimanis
  • editing
    Edmunds Jansons
  • production
    Atom Art


What should one do upon hearing scary ’drip-drop’ sounds coming from a dark room? The Shammies - Mitten, Pillow, Hanky and Sockie - decide to take a bath. One by one they toddle down the stairs to discover a Monster who lives behind the bathroom door, and get acquainted with Splashy Water.


Edmunds Jansons (1972) is a Latvian film animator and director. He studied at the Latvian Academy of Culture, at Moscow’s VGIK school and at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, specialization in directing and animation. He has worked for several animation companies and has laid come to anchor at the studio Atom Art in Riga.


There are not screenings scheduled.