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  • Poland
  • 15
  • director
    Paweł Dębski
  • screenplay
    Paweł Dębski
  • music
    Tomasz Opałka
  • editing
    Paweł Dębski
  • production
    FUMI studio


On the shore of a great ocean, surrounded by colossal cliffs and a forest reaching almost past the horizon, lives a father and his son. The father is a lumberjack. The boy on the other hand is happily living the life of a boy who sees nothing past his father. Everything was like in a storybook, until one day the lumberjack came home a changed man...


Pawel Debski is a Polish filmmaker and a graduate of the National Academy of Film, Television and Theater in Łódź. His animated short film titled HAIR NIGHTMARE received nominations at festivals like OFAFA (in 2007).


Date, time Venue
  • Thu, 2011-12-08 17:00
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