Young People's Jury

Young People's Jury members are high school and university students who are already involved in film industry. Young People's Jury rates movies for older audience (14+ years).


Live-action Film Jury:

  • Aga Błaszczak
  • Maciej Merski
  • Malwina Bogusławska
  • Marcin Zwolan
  • Monika Rudzik


Animated Film Jury:

  • Gabriel Adamiak
  • Maciek Fechner
  • Maksymilan Derda



Aga Błaszczak

Born in 1994, a pupil of High School No. 1 in Poznań, and a member of the Amateur Film Club "AWA" in the Culture Centre Zamek in Poznań. By avocation a filmmaker interested in all sorts of productions; since 2008 has shot a dozen or so live-action or animated shorts, which were awarded at many competitions and festivals (winning, among others, the main prize at the Festival Court Francophone de Pologne twice). In terms of filmmaking, she’s a great fan of Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton, in terms of music – of Jean Michel Jarre, and in terms of literature she admires Dorota Terakowska.


Maciej Merski

Pupil of High School No. 1 in Poznań. A typical teenager who likes good cinema and Italian cuisine. Apart from film, he is also interested in music, photography, theatre and American culture. Member of the school choir "Canticum Novum" and the "Nadir" theatre. Privately, with a group of friends, created the "Subjonctif Films" film group, which realizes many uncommon productions. Doesn’t know his plans for the future, but, most importantly of all, he would like to realize his dreams.


Malwina Bogusławska

Comes from Ciechocinek, a spa town in Kujawy. Lives in Poznań, where she studies Film Theory at the faculty of Polish Philology at the Adam Mickiewicz University. After lectures she works in one of the multiplexes in Poznań, therefore she has constant contact with film viewers and their expectations. Her main field of interest is popular cinema (current repertoire) and the issue of cinema from a sociological perspective. In films, she is looking for magic, colours, emotions and, most importantly of all, for interesting stories.


Marcin Zwolan

Has lived in Słupsk since birth and for about the last ten years has been attending schools there. He used to play the piano and the guitar. He got interested in films some time after primary school. It started with horror films, from psycho thrillers to ghosts. Little by little, he studied cinematography more and more deeply, in the meantime shooting his first amateur films. Yet, his knowledge of film art would not be what it is today without his participation in the Słupsk Municipal Cultural Centre’s film club and the lectures of Mrs. Szczepłocka. So far he is not bored with film at all. As of today the people he admires the most are: Paul Thomas Anderson, Claude Chabrol, Mike Leigh, Roman Polański and Luis Buñuel.


Monika Rudzik

Studies Film Theory and Culture. Interested in cinema from both theoretical and practical perspectives. A fan of popular cinema, especially classic horror movies and musicals. Likes when somebody plays with conventions, which is why she rates highly Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick. In films, she is looking for attention-grabbing stories as well as interesting formal solutions.



Gabriel Adamiak

Currently a student on his 2nd year of Animation Studies at the  Adam Mickiewicz University. Interested in all kinds of art: music, painting, film and photography. Reads a lot. In films primarly focuses on the form, and then on the content. Looking for originality.


Maciek Fechner

Student on his 2nd year of Animation in Poznań. Interested in film, animation, sport and music. Winner of the 3rd prize at the 2nd National Biennial of Self-portrait in Radom. In films and animations focuses not only on the artistic value, but also on the plot.


Maksymilan Derda

Born in 1994, lives in Słupsk. He has always been interested in cinema, a fact which he owes to his parents. Yet, his main hobbies include the history of art, history and literature. He is always fascinated by the influence the other arts have on film.