• O’MORO
  • France
  • 12
  • director
    Christophe Calissoni, Eva Offredo
  • screenplay
    Christophe Calissoni, Patricia Valeix
  • music
    Mathias Duplessy
  • producers
    Marc Jousset, Perrine Capron
  • production
    Je Suis Bien Content


Napoli, Italy, end of the fifties. A taciturn ”carabiniere” called O’MORO (the Moor) by his boss, has the mission to arrest the thieves of the city. One morning, at the harbour, he meets a Gypsy woman who will change his destiny.


Christophe Calissoni learned animation at ”Gobelins” in Paris, and then studied animation direction at ”La Poudrière” in Valence. He works as a 2D animator in various Parisian animation studios, on TV series, commercials and billboards. Eva Offredo is an art teacher and an illustrator, mainly working for children’s books.


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