• LOFT
  • Irleland
  • 5
  • director
    Gareth Chambers
  • screenplay
    Gareth Chambers
  • cinematography
    Ruairi O’Brien
  • music
    Kieran Goss
  • editing
    Edmond Slattery
  • cast
    Gerard McSorley
  • producers
    Steven Davenport
  • production
    Underground Films


In sub-urban Dublin Ireland a kid and his football are seriously disturbing an older neighbour and his prize pigeons. When the old gentleman decides that enough is enough everything changes forever. The old man decides to trick the boy and teach him a lesson. However, it seems that nature itself has a more important lesson to teach the old man.


Gareth Chambers has been working in film and television since the age of 16. Gareth directed several short films at university including MY HOUSE, a 4 minute self-funded short which won him 1st place at the Cinenergy DIY Film festival in 2007.


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