Keepern til Liverpool

The Liverpool Goalie
  • Norway
  • 83
  • 10 years & above
  • director
    Arild Andresen
  • screenplay
    Lars Gudmestad
  • cinematography
    Gaute Gunnari
  • music
    Aslak Hartberg
  • editing
    Jon Endre Mork
  • cast
    Ask van der Hagen, Sussanne Boucher, Andrine Sæther, Fridtjov Såheim
  • producers
    Håkon Øverås, Karin Julsrud
  • production
    4 1/2 AS
  • sales
    Norwegian Film Institute
  • format
    35 mm


„The Liverpool Goalie” is a warm comedy, in which both girls and boys play football, worship their idols, and are frustrated by complicated friendships, young love, anxious mothers and overambitious football coaches. At the heart of the events, we find 12-year-old Jo. Jo tries to avoid both potential girlfriends, mothers and football coaches, as he is hunting desperately for a rare football card which he believes will solve all his problems. Jo has a smart head, but a weak body. Even so, he gets by relatively well - until Mari throws him a glance, and he acquires The Liverpool Goalie.


Arild Andresen (b. 1967) has directed in excess of 100 commercials for the Moland Film Company since 1999, and has received numerous national and international awards for his work in this field, as well as for other commissioned films he’s directed. While commercials may have been his bread and butter, Andresen also worked on other productions before making his debut as a feature film director. He directed the short film MARY in 1999, and both wrote and directed the two shorts POKERFACE (1996) and SIT TIGHT (2003).


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