Gamba Trista

Loser Leg
  • Italy
  • 8
  • director
    Francesco Filippi
  • screenplay
    Francesco Filippi
  • music
    Andrea Vanzo
  • editing
    Francesco Filippi
  • producers
    Francesco Filippi
  • production
    Studio Mistral


Giovanni is a kid called Loser Leg due to his soft legs. He is tied everywhere by his bullish classmate. Despite all that, he manages to take life with irony. He is secretly in love with a cute little girl Rose. Unfortunately she runs away terrified every time she sees him tied somewhere…


Francesco Filippi is an Italian freelance director, screenwriter and 3D animator. His live-action short HOME got more than 50 awards in Europe. He also won twice the national animation projects competition.


Date, time Venue
  • Wed, 2011-12-07 12:00
Multikino 51