Children's Jury

Children's Jury is a characteristic feature of our Festival. Let it be those, for whom the films are made, that have the voice!

Children's Jury watches films for younger audience (5-14 years).


Animated Film Jury:

  • Antek Polak
  • Basia Jędraszczak
  • Kuba Sienkiewicz
  • Mikołaj Mińkowski
  • Natalia Kaczmarek
  • Staś Bryś
  • Szymon Kubiak
  • Young Yi Jang
  • Zuzanna Majek

Live-action Film Jury:

  • Aleksandra Niebieszczańska
  • Ania Wieczorek
  • Julia Bednarek
  • Laura Przybylska
  • Maria Horowska
  • Maria Trzeciak
  • Martyna Bukowiecka
  • Ola Krutnik
  • Zuza Skoczylas



Antoni Polak

Aged 10, a fourth grader at a primary school. Loves animated films and Lego blocks. In his free time he likes to draw, so maybe one day he will draw an animated film. Right now he is collecting ideas. Has two dogs: Plamka and Gryzia.


Barbara Jędraszczak

Aged 10, a fourth grader at a primary school. Keen on sport (tennis, running, in-line-skates, team sports), drawing and films. Loves meeting with her friends. Doesn’t like to dress up and hates boredom.


Jakub Sienkiewicz

Aged 11, a fifth grader at a primary school. His hobby is football. Likes distant travels. Generally not a big fan of singing or dancing.


Mikołaj Mińkowski

Aged 11, a fifth grader at a primary school. Has wonderful friends and form-master in his class. Together they make up a great team. His favourite subject is PE, because he loves sport, and especially football. His younger brother, Marcel, is his greatest fan.


Natalia Kaczmarek

Aged 10, a fourth grader at a primary school. Dancing is her passion. For the last 3 years she has been dancing in the Poznań ATiF METRUM and taken part in many tournaments. Loves swimming and travelling. Interested in music, too. Likes films which make her cry: either very touching or very funny. When she is in the cinema, she travels into a different world. Doesn’t like horror films.


Stanisław Bryś

Aged 12, a sixth grader at a primary school. Loves reading books, playing tennis and listening to music – especially to Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Likes mountain trips. In his free time he plays football for Lech Poznań football club and collects occasional coins. Doesn’t like Monday mornings when he has to go to school. In the future he would like to be a journalist or a politician.


Szymon Kubiak

Aged 10, a fourth grader at a primary school. Loves films and comic books telling criminal or detective stories. Interested in everything connected with fantasy, magic and great mysteries. Loves family expeditions to the cinema, because then he can combine the useful with the pleasant: watch a very good film and spend a lovely time with his beloved family.


Yung-yi Yang

Aged 10, a fifth grader at a primary school. Her hobbies are horse-riding and drawing (especially horses). Besides horses she also likes dogs. Doesn’t have many friends but when the ones that she has visit her, they have great fun.


Zuzanna Majek

Aged 11, a fifth grader at a primary school. As any child, she likes playing computer games and watching films, especially in the company of her parents and brother. Draws very well and likes doing it, just as much as she likes playing with her hamster called “Kuleczka” and riding horses. Loves reading, especially adventure, fantasy and mystery books.



Aleksandra Niebieszczańska

Aged 14, a third grader at a junior secondary school. Likes dancing, drawing, and creatively spending good times with her friends. Doesn’t like tidying up her room and getting up early. In her free time she writes various types of short stories. Interested in fashion and music.


Anna Wieczorek

Aged 14, a second grader at a junior secondary school. Likes watching films, reading books, writing scripts and riding her bicycle. Interested in film, biology and playing the guitar. Doesn't like to sing.


Laura Przybylska

Aged 11, a fifth grader at a primary school. Lives in Poznań. Interested in sport and art. Loves skiing and playing football. Regularly goes to the matches of Lech Poznań. At school she is most active during IT, PE and Polish lessons. Likes reading, and the best literature she has come across so far is the “Harry Potter” series.


Maria Horowska

Aged 13, a first grader at a junior secondary school.

Nice girl, but sometimes nasty, forgetful, but always classy.
Ambitious, yet rarely outstanding. Her passion and mind are expanding.
She is unforgiving and wild, at 14 years old, a crazy child.
Excitable and nice, misses nothing in her life,
Neither good fun nor trouble can burst her bubble.
Loves the arts, especially Chopin’s music, likes fashion and knows how to use it,
A future MD, always in style, does not hate, and will be around for a very long while.


Maria Trzeciak

Aged 14, a second grader at a junior secondary school. Likes learning foreign languages, doesn’t like the sciences. Interested in filmmaking, horse riding and music. Dancing is her greatest passion.


Martyna Bukowiecka

Aged 10, a fifth grader at a primary school. Likes designing clothes and pursuing other artistic interests.  Member of the singing & dancing group “New Voice”. Doesn’t like watching documentary films, eating spinach or liver.


Ola Krutnik

Aged 15, a third grader at a junior secondary school. She is very young but already knows what she would like to do in her life. She would like to be an architect. No wonder then that she is interested in art. It is both her hobby and a plan for the future. Additionally, she loves listening to music and going to the theatre. Then she can relax and give some peace to her thoughts.


Zuzanna Skoczylas

Aged 14, a second grader at a junior secondary school Interested in biology. Likes reading books; lately her favourite writer is Carlos Ruiz Zafon. And films? Dark, with a bit of perversion – with a thrill, but also with the atmosphere of a fairy tale, and slightly poetic. Inspired by the thought of an author whose name she can’t remember: “The raindrop which will survive the longest on a window pane is the one which will not follow the others”.