Martin Strange Hansen – the third Oscar-winning guest of the 29th IYAFF Ale Kino!

martin strange hansen

One more person has joined the group of Oscar-winning guests of the Ale Kino! festival. Now, besides Jiří Menzel and Co Hoedeman, it includes also the third film artist who has just confirmed his arrival: Martin Strange Hansen. Hansen will be presenting his latest short film “Jensen Lives Here” in the COMPETITION section of the Poznań Festival. The screening will take place on Friday, 9 December, at 9.30. It is a bitter-sweet comedy about 7-year-old Sophie, who gets a long-awaited gift from her parents: a hamster called Jensen. Unfortunately, together with the gift comes a message: her parents are getting divorced and dad is soon moving out.

The short will be presented as part of the collection “Invasion from Planet Schrump and Other Short Films” (9 December 2011, 9.30 am).

Martin Strange Hansen (b. 1971) is a young Danish filmmaker, who won an Oscar in 2003 for his short “Der er en yndig mand” (2002). His filmography includes: “Feeding Desire” (28 min., graduation film), “The Charming Man” (29 min.), “Come on Baby”, “True Spirit” (89 min.), “Nynne” (TV series), “Pinly & Flau” (6 episodes).